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a global platform dedicated to harnessing evidence, solutions and practices to advance financial inclusion and digital finance innovation.

a cornerstone to the World Bank Group’s Universal Financial Access Goals; contributes to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals; and remains a high level priority of  the  G20 Presidency of the Global  Partnership  for  Financial  Inclusion (GPFI).

a strategic network of public and private sector leaders in the fields of financial inclusions and digital finance

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What Investors Want

To succeed in investment management, firms need two things: good (enough) returns and clients. Of course, the two are...

Helping or Hurting? 10 Facts About Digital Credit in Tanzania

Digital credit is a growing phenomenon, surrounded by much excitement and expectation that quick access to credit could help poor...

Closing the Gap: Identifying Key Challenges for the Missing Middle SMEs in Francophone West Africa

Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries face a classic conundrum when it comes to securing finance....
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We are still in the Wild West with regards to data privacy, data protection, which data shall be used in a commercial way…this needs a lot of attention.

Wolfgang Bücker GIZ

We need to maintain the balance so that there is enough regulation, but at the same time, not too much regulation that could hinder innovation in digital finance

Jenny Chang Shanghai F-Road Commercial Services

We are trying to take this opportunity to take the lead not only for China, but also for other economies…

Sun Tao Ant Financial Services Group

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Regulating for Innovation

Why regulate for innovation? Innovation entails the introduction of new methods, ideas or products that offer greater efficiency or...
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