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a global platform dedicated to harnessing evidence, solutions and practices to advance financial inclusion and digital finance innovation.

a cornerstone to the World Bank Group’s Universal Financial Access Goals; contributes to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals; and remains a high level priority of  the  G20 Presidency of the Global  Partnership  for  Financial  Inclusion (GPFI).

a strategic network of public and private sector leaders in the fields of financial inclusions and digital finance

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Fintech or Die: Five Ways Microfinance Can (and Must) Respond to the Digital Age

Originally published by MicroSave founder and managing director Graham Wright seemed to enjoy playing the provocateur at the 2016 European Microfinance Week, aiming some pointed (and well-justified) barbs at the ways fintech is being leveraged in loan products for low-income clients. He used terms like “rapacious consumer lending” and “automated loan sharking” to describe many popular digital credit products in emerging markets, and decried interest rates that, in Kenya, […]

Germany Sets out GPFI Priorities

Germany in December released its Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion German 2017 Priorities Paper.  Priorities outlined in this key GPFI document include: (a) review and update of the GPFI Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP): 2030 Agenda and digitization; (b) implementation of the G20 High Level Principles for Digital Financial Inclusion: opportunities and risks; (c) implementation of the G20 Action Plan on SME Financing; and (d) development of a work stream on […]

How Can the Financial Industry Overcome Barriers to Financial Inclusion?

The Project will help mainstream financial institutions overcome barriers to reaching unserved and underserved populations with quality financial services. The Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion (CFI), the Institute of International Finance (IIF) and MetLife Foundation, together with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) as a technical partner, announced today a two-year initiative to help advance the financial services industry’s ability to reach unserved and underserved populations. The project, titled Mainstreaming Financial […]

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We are still in the Wild West with regards to data privacy, data protection, which data shall be used in a commercial way…this needs a lot of attention.

Wolfgang Bücker GIZ

We need to maintain the balance so that there is enough regulation, but at the same time, not too much regulation that could hinder innovation in digital finance

Jenny Chang Shanghai F-Road Commercial Services

We are trying to take this opportunity to take the lead not only for China, but also for other economies…

Sun Tao Ant Financial Services Group


State of the Practice: Client Protection in Uganda’s Microfinance Sector

Executive Summary This state of the practice report provides an overview of the legal framework, regulations, and industry practices related to client protection in Uganda’s microfinance sector. Read the full report >>> Résumé Ce rapport bilan des pratiques offre un aperçu du cadre juridique, des réglementations et des pratiques en matière de protection des clients dans le secteur de la microfinance en Ouganda. Lire le rapport complet >>>

State of the Practice: Client Protection in Senegal’s Microfinance Sector

Executive Summary This report provides an overview of regulations and practices related to client protection in the microfinance sector in Senegal. It summarizes the findings of evaluations of five microfinance institutions (MFIs, or decentralized financial Systems – SFDs) to assess their compliance with the Smart Campaign’s client protection standards between 2014 and 2015. It also draws on: (i) a national diagnostic carried out in 2015 by Senegal’s Professional Association of Decentralized Financial Systems (APSFD-Senegal) […]

State of Client Protection in Rwanda’s Microfinance Sector

Eexcutive Summary This state of the practice report provides an overview of the legal framework, regulations, and industry practices related to client protection in Rwanda’s microfinance sector. It draws on findings from three key sources: 1) Accompanied self-assessments of five MFIs/financial service providers that used the Smart Campaign assessment methodology to take an in-depth look at their client protection practices; 2) A client protection market diagnostic, conducted by the Association of Microfinance […]

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