Making Recourse Work for Base-of-the-Pyramid Financial Consumers

25 Aug 2014
  • Megan Chapman
  • Rafael Mazer

A microfinance client lives hundreds of miles from the capital city, where her microfinance provider has its central office. Her entire village was “unbanked” until the microfinance provider started providing services via a single loan officer two years ago. She was happy with her first loan, but is struggling to make biweekly repayments on her second loan, and the loan officer insists she cannot withdraw from her savings to help […]


Customer-Centricity for Financial Inclusion

25 Aug 2014
  • Tanaya Kilara
  • Elisabeth Rhyne

Every business depends on winning customer loyalty by providing value. This is also true when your customers are from the base of the social and economic pyramid (BOP). Financial service providers who are serving or who want to serve this important customer segment need to invest in understanding these customers’ needs and develop products that meet those needs. Customer-centricity is about providing solutions based on a deep understanding of customer […]


Regulatory approaches to inclusive insurance market development

25 Aug 2014
  • Jeremy Gray
  • Hennie Bester
  • Christine Hougaard
  • Mia Thom

The A2ii is the implementation partner of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) on inclusive insurance. Part of this role is to extract relevant learning and build supervisory capacity. It has been five years since the findings from the original five Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii) microinsurance diagnostics were synthesised into a cross-country report and a series of focus notes. In the interim a number of further microinsurance diagnostics […]


Access to Insurance Initiative: Inside the Initiative

25 Aug 2014

    Access to Insurance – An important strategy for reducing vulnerability The inability to manage vulnerability can perpetuate poverty. Access to insurance services can play an important role in mitigating welfare losses. Regulation and supervision can facilitate insurance markets to become more accessible and inclusive for low-income households. The Access to Insurance Initiative is a global partnership with the mission to inspire and support supervisors to promote inclusive and responsible insurance, […]


    Toward Inclusive Islamic Finance

    25 Aug 2014
    • Natalie Schoon
    • Matthias Range

    The revolution of Islamic Microfinance is pending. In recent years, the discussion on Microfinance has made significant leaps. Following the 2007 crisis, the industry has reflected on potential areas of poverty reduction and employment creation, the importance of its double bottom line of profit and social impact and, by extension, the need of putting consumer protection principles at the center of attention. The shift from quantity towards quality in supplying […]


    Responsible Finance in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda

    25 Aug 2014
    • Pim Engels
    • Denise Dias
    • Kate McKee

    Insights from the MFW4A conference “Promoting Financial Capability and Consumer Protection, A Step Forward towards Financial Inclusion in Africa”,held in 2009, demonstrate the importance of responsible finance to unleash the potential of African financial sectors to drive economic development and reduce poverty across the continent. In the new approach to responsible finance governments, financial service providers,a variety of stakeholders and consumers engage in three mutually reinforcing pillars: consumer protection by […]


    Responsible Finance in Vietnam

    12 Aug 2014
    • Duflos, E. & Le, T.T.

    Evaluating consumer protection for low-income people in Vietnam This report describes the state of financial inclusion in Vietnam and the existing financial consumer protection (FCP), regulatory, and supervisory framework for low-income clients. It also analyzes the role of industry self-regulation bodies in promoting responsible finance, as well as the extent of implementation of consumer protection principles by financial services providers. The report focuses on two of the three pillars of […]


    Global Microscope 2014: The Enabling Environment for Financial Inclusion

    01 Aug 2014
    • Economist Intelligence Unit

    Evaluating the regulatory landscape for financial inclusion across 55 countries This report provides an in-depth analysis of the financial inclusion environment across 12 indicators in 55 countries. It is directed toward practitioners, policymakers, and investors, to help evaluate these countries’ progress in financial inclusion, and to establish where further efforts should focus in order to yield additional benefits. The report assesses financial inclusion based on four criteria: the range of […]


    Global Survey on Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy: Oversight Frameworks and Practices is 114 Economies

    10 Jun 2014

      This publication can also be found on the World Bank website. Financial consumer protection laws, regulations, supervisory and oversight structures constitute an essential element of the modern financial system. As recent financial crisis demonstrated,adequate financial consumer protection is an important contributor to financial stability. Moreover, responsible behavior by financial service providers and ability for the users of financial services to protect their interests contribute to economic empowerment of the population. […]

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