Responsible Finance in Vietnam

12 Aug 2014
  • Duflos, E. & Le, T.T.

Evaluating consumer protection for low-income people in Vietnam This report describes the state of financial inclusion in Vietnam and the existing financial consumer protection (FCP), regulatory, and supervisory framework for low-income clients. It also analyzes the role of industry self-regulation bodies in promoting responsible finance, as well as the extent of implementation of consumer protection principles by financial services providers. The report focuses on two of the three pillars of […]


Global Microscope 2014: The Enabling Environment for Financial Inclusion

01 Aug 2014
  • Economist Intelligence Unit

Evaluating the regulatory landscape for financial inclusion across 55 countries This report provides an in-depth analysis of the financial inclusion environment across 12 indicators in 55 countries. It is directed toward practitioners, policymakers, and investors, to help evaluate these countries’ progress in financial inclusion, and to establish where further efforts should focus in order to yield additional benefits. The report assesses financial inclusion based on four criteria: the range of […]


Global Survey on Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy: Oversight Frameworks and Practices is 114 Economies

10 Jun 2014

    This publication can also be found on the World Bank website. Financial consumer protection laws, regulations, supervisory and oversight structures constitute an essential element of the modern financial system. As recent financial crisis demonstrated,adequate financial consumer protection is an important contributor to financial stability. Moreover, responsible behavior by financial service providers and ability for the users of financial services to protect their interests contribute to economic empowerment of the population. […]


    MIMOSA: Microfinance Index of Market Outreach and Saturation

    03 Jun 2014
    • Emmanuelle Javoy
    • Daniel Rozas

    This paper presents the first analysis of credit market capacity using the Global Findex dataset, a survey on the use of financial services in 148 countries, published in April 2012. Unlike other development interventions, too much credit can be a bad thing. Knowing where the upper limit lies is thus critical for microfinance practitioners, whose goal is to improve access to financial services in the poorer segments of the world’s […]


    Study on the Drivers of Over-Indebtedness of Microfinance Borrowers in Cambodia

    03 Jun 2014
    • Dannet Liv

    Microfinance has grown rapidly over the last decade, directly reaching millions of poor people worldwide, providing credit and other forms of financial services. If used judiciously, it can serve as an effective instrument in promoting financial inclusion. It is mainly for this reason that BlueOrchard Finance, Incofin and Oikocredit have been investing significant amounts of capital and other resources in MFIs around the world. The microfinance sector in Cambodia has […]


    Does good client protection impact financial performance?

    03 Jun 2014
    • B. Perez-rocha
    • A.G.F. Hoepner
    • L. Spaggiari
    • C. Lapenu
    • B. Brusky

    Serve clients well. Prevent over-indebtedness. Be transparent and price products reasonably. Treat clients respectfully, listen to their grievances and protect their privacy. It’s hard to argue against any one of these things. the seven client Protection Principles make undisputedly good sense. but do they make for good business? This is the question a multi-stakeholder group asked itself back in June 2011 during a meeting of the e-MFP Making Microfinance Investment […]


    Building the Foundation for Understanding Transparent Pricing

    28 May 2014

      Within the microfinance community, there is a significant gap between our strong desire to understand true prices and our limited technical knowledge about how to calculate true prices. This training session, developed by the world’s leading pricing expert, introduces the foundations of transparent pricing. It will provide you with the tools you need to demystify transparent pricing. Featuring practical examples, screenshots from the Calculating Transparent Prices Tool and practice exercises, […]

      The Challenge of Understanding Pricing of Micro-loans

      28 May 2014
      • Chuck Waterfield

      For decades, the microfinance industry made a rather disciplined effort to ignore prices we were charging on our loan products. That changed with the Compartamos IPO of 2007, where the largest MFI in Latin America made hundreds of millions of dollars in profit while charging interest rates of over 100%. This provoked intense discussion as the industry tried to understand what true interest rates really are, and as we tried […]


      In the Fast Lane: Innovations in Digital Finance

      08 May 2014
      • Marcia Parada
      • Greta Bull

      Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) poses many challenges to financial inclusion: basic infrastructure is relatively underdeveloped, populations are still very rural and therefore widely dispersed,and a large proportion of the population (48.5%) lives below the international poverty line of $1.25 per day. As a result, it is estimated that only 17.5% of adults across the continent have access to an account at a formal financial institution. And yet, poor families receive wages, run businesses, […]

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