Policy Bulletin: Where Credit Is Due

02 Mar 2015

    Seven randomized evaluations from around the world show that microcredit does not have a transformative impact on poverty, but it can give low-income households more freedom in optimizing the ways they make money, consume, and invest. From its beginnings as a lending experiment in Bangladeshi villages in the 1970s, microcredit—providing small loans to underserved entrepreneurs—expanded rapidly in the 1990s and 2000s, and now serves over 200 million clients worldwide. Traditionally, […]


    Enhancing Financial Capability and Inclusion in Morocco

    26 Feb 2015

      Financial capability, as defined by the World Bank and in this report, is the internal capacity to act in one’s best financial interest, given socioeconomic and environmental conditions. It encompasses knowledge (literacy), attitudes, skills and behavior of consumers with respect to understanding, selecting, and using financial services, and the ability to access financial services that fit their needs (World Bank 2013d). Financial capability has become a policy priority for policy […]


      Promoting Competition in Mobile Payments: The Role of USSD

      11 Feb 2015
      • Michel Hanouch
      • Greg Chen

      Mobile network operators (MNOs) such as Safaricom in Kenya; Vodacom, Tigo, and Airtel in Tanzania; and Econet in Zimbabwe are collectively underscoring the importance and potential of MNO-led business models to advance financial inclusion. In each of these markets, and in a number of others, where MNOs are able to effectively compete in the provision of mobile financial services (MFS), there are more registered mobile wallets than bank accounts. And […]


      Report on Progress in Inclusive Finance 2014

      02 Feb 2015
      • Karin Malmberg

      Investors are looking at ways to contribute to economic development and entrepreneurial activity by investing in inclusive finance. As with all investments, these can also carry potential financial and reputational risks. To mitigate such risks, a group of institutional investors launched the Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance (PIIF) in 2011. The PIIF are housed within the PRI Initiative and provide investors with specific guidance on responsible investment in inclusive […]


      Global Standard-Setting Bodies and Financial Inclusion for the Poor

      02 Feb 2015

        Financial inclusion for poor households and microbusinesses may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, the Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems, the Financial Action Task Force, the International Association of Deposit Insurers, and the International Association of Insurance Supervisors.   Yet these global standard-setting bodies (SSBs) have significant influence on how many get access to what range and quality […]


        Client Protection in Microfinance: The Current State of Law and Regulation

        28 Jan 2015
        • Josien Sluijs
        • Zaina Ahmed-Karim
        • Justina Alders-Sheya

        Microfinance plays a central role in the development of poor populations all over the world. By providing financial services to those who did not have access before, microfinance facilitates entrepreneurship and economic development in general. The sector has grown rapidly, thereby transforming lives in virtually all regions of the world in the past decades. However, with the growth of the sector, concern over rights of microfinance clients have risen. Client protection […]


        Financial Inclusion 2020: Round-Up 2014

        28 Jan 2015
        • Susy Cheston

        It’s been a year since the Financial Inclusion 2020 Global Forum. The Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion is taking this moment to review how the drive for financial inclusion is faring. With this e-zine we bring you highlights of the past 12 months from around the financial inclusion world – new ventures, milestones and ongoing debates. Inside, you’ll find a snapshot of progress in each of our five “Roadmap […]


        The Potential of Digital Data

        28 Jan 2015
        • Gregory Chen
        • Xavier Faz

        The amount of electronic data generated by computerization—digital data—is growing at unprecedented rates. In a 30-minute span, the internet combined with devices such as phones, personal computers, and sensors will generate digital data equal to all written works in human history (Inc. Magazine 2012). This trend is accelerating, with digital data storage requirements projected to rise 10-fold by 2020 (Economist 2012). Financial services are an information business—can this growing wealth […]


        Study of Client Protection Practices in Latin America and the Caribbean

        04 Jan 2015
        • Sergio Guzmán

        The Smart Campaign conducted a study on the client protection practices of 12 microfinance institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. This study looked at NGOs, banks, and credit unions, analyzing their client protection performance from the point of view of practitioners, offering recommendations to improve their client protection practices. The Smart Campaign conducted a study on the client protection practices of 12 microfinance institutions in Latin America and the […]

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