Responsible Pricing: Field Evidence

30 Jun 2017

    Responsible pricing remains a challenging issue with no clear-cut answers. However, key guidelines and tools have been developed to guide FSPs in strategic decision making. Notably, they include MFTransparency’s proposed approach to defining balanced pricing and the Smart Campaign’s new framework grounded in “assessments by induction” that replaced the market-based comparative approach to assessing fair pricing in client protection certifications. At the core of these frameworks is the understanding that […]


    Technology Inequality: Opportunities and Challenges for Mobile Financial Services

    19 Jun 2017
    • Leon Perlman

    Technology has been a pivotal and successful enabler of financial inclusion. However, even with each technical evolution, sets of technical, cost, competition, capacity and access challenges persist. CFI Fellow Leon Perlman looks at the advantages, disadvantages and challenges that fasten on the existing and evolving technologies, bearer services, access platforms and user devices for mobile financial services (MFS) in Technology Inequality: Opporunities and Challenges for Mobile Financial Services. His on-the-ground research […]