Payment Aspects of Financial Inclusion

30 Jun 2016

    The CPMI-World Bank Group Task Force on the Payment Aspects of Financial Inclusion (PAFI) started its work in April 2014. The Task Force was mandated to examine demand and supply side factors affecting financial inclusion in the context of payment systems and services, and to suggest measures that could be taken to address these issues. This report is premised on two key points: (i) efficient, accessible and safe retail payment […]


    Enabling Mobile Money Policies in Tanzania

    29 Jun 2016
    • Simone di CaStri
    • Lara Gidvani

    The National Payment System directorate (nPSd) at the Bank of Tanzania (Bot) began its mobile money regulatory journey i 2008, when a visit from one of the country’s mobile network operators (mnos) introduced the idea that a simple mobile handset could do much more than make calls. From this first meeting, the Bot was keen to engage with the mobile industry to learn more about the potential of digital financial […]


    Swadhaar, ACCION & AirTel Money: Mobile Money Training for Female Customers in India

    20 Jun 2016

      Customer marketing and education are always important to driving the adoption of mobile money, but they are absolutely crucial for female customers, who generally take more time than men to trust and start using mobile money services. In India, where uptake of mobile money has been slow—only 3% of women have heard of it and 0.1% have used it — customer education must be a key part of any successful […]


      Customer Experience Playbook

      16 Jun 2016

        CGAP partnered with Janalakshmi, the largest urban microfinance institution in India serving 3 million poor Indian women, and global development advisory, Dalberg, to understand the Janalakshmi customers’ journey and design and test customer experience improvements for them. One of the outputs from this work is this Customer Experience (CX) Playbook, which aims to help FSP staff serving poor customers, to implement customer experience improvements, and ultimately influence their organizations to build a culture […]


        Digitally Financed Energy: How Off-Grid Solar Providers Leverage Digital Payments and Drive Financial Inclusion

        13 Jun 2016
        • Daniel Waldron
        • Xavier Faz

        Energy poverty is a development challenge that traditional, centralized approaches have been slow to overcome. Globally, 1.1 billion people remain without access to electricity, including 589 million in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) (SE4All 2015, p. 45). They rely on dangerous and inefficient alternatives to light their homes and operate appliances: kerosene lamps, diesel generators, and dry-cell batteries. By providing longer access to cleaner sources of energy, electrification brings immediate health benefits, […]


        Sector Report: Banking in Sub-Saharan Africa

        11 Jun 2016

          The banking sectors of a number of sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) countries have exhibited significant growth in recent years. The key contributing factors have been increased economic activity and improved regulatory oversight. However, the rapid rise of pan-African banks has also been a contributing factor. The growing presence of major pan-African and global banks on the continent has undoubtedly improved the availability and quality of financial services in recent years. That […]