Digital banking in emerging Asia – progress and prospects

22 May 2016
  • Sumedh Deorukhkar
  • Le Xia

Personal finance trends across emerging Asia have seen a visible shift towards digital banking over the past five years. The region’s favourable demographics, high mobile adoption rate and deepening internet penetration have opened opportunities for banks to leverage on technology for bridging a widening financial inclusion gap. Convenience banking has assumed priority, with banks offering a gamut of financial services through web portals and mobile apps while redesigning their backend […]


A Market Systems Approach to Financial Inclusion Guidelines for Funders

11 May 2016
  • Deena M. Burjorjee
  • Barbara Scola

Impressive gains have been made toward increasing access to finance for poor and low income people since Good Practice Guidelines for Funders of Microfinance was published in 2006. During this time we have seen major progress in terms of achieving sustainability and scale with the introduction of new product offerings, development of innovative business models, technology-enabled delivery channels, and the engagement of a much broader range of private and public […]


DEL OTRO LADO: Financial behavior of households receiving international remittances in the Mexico Financial Diaries

04 May 2016
  • Caitlin Sanford

This report was commissioned by the Remittances and Savings Program of the Multilateral Investment Fund to provide insight into the financial lives of remittance recipient households in Mexico. This information will inform both private and public sector initiatives to leverage migrant remittances for wealth building throughout Latin America and the world. The research finds that remittance income is just one of many sources of income for these families. On average, […]


Enabling Digital Financial Inclusion through Improvements in Competition and Interoperability: What Works and What Doesn’t?

03 May 2016
  • Marc Bourreau
  • Tommaso Valletti

The development of mobile payment platforms in developing countries is revolutionizing access to finance for the poor. Mobile payment platforms allow their users to pay and transfer funds in mobile money but also offer access to other financial products, such as savings or insurance. In this paper we first review the economic features of mobile payment systems in developing countries, and study the cooperation models that can emerge between the […]