Payment System Regulation for Improving Financial Inclusion

31 Dec 2015
  • Maria Chiara Malaguti

High-level recommendations on achieving a safe, efficient and inclusive national payments system Drawing from existing domestic experiences and the first results of the international debate, this paper tries to identify some high-level recommendations on how the payments system should be regulated to best achieve the particular goal of inclusion. The approach to be taken shall strongly depend on the existing institutional framework of a country and its economic and social […]


Financial Literacy Around the World: Insights from the Standard & Poor's Ratings Services Global Financial Literacy Survey

02 Dec 2015
  • Leora Klapper
  • Annamaria Lusardi
  • Peter van Oudheusden

The Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services Global Financial Literacy Survey (S&P Global FinLit Survey) is one of the most extensive measurements of global financial literacy to date. The survey probes four basic financial concepts: numeracy (debt), risk diversification, inflation, and compound interest (saving). The data was collected in 2014 by Gallup as part of its Gallup World Poll and was analyzed by researchers from the World Bank and The George […]