Case Studies

Responsible Finance: Stories of Impact in Bosnia-Herzegovina

This Case Study shows how IFC focused its earliest efforts to provide debt counseling for over-indebted clients in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A decade of implementation lessons learned from this first financial education and debt counseling initiative continues to be adapted, and is expanding into other parts of Europe and Central Asia.

Responsible Finance: Stories of Impact in India

This Case Study provided early lessons of experience in India's microfinance sector. IFC has worked with its clients on product design, process optimization, grievance mechanisms, and risk-management, applying responsible finance practices to these areas. Find out more about IFC's recent work in supporting sustainable and responsible finance practices in India, and their positive outcomes for women.

The India Microfinance Story: Putting the Focus on Borrowers

This case study shares the lessons learned during the implementation of components of the Responsible Finance program of IFC’s advisory Services—and how that program is having a clear and defined impact on India’s microfinance industry.
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