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Financial EducationFinancial education is an important tool to achieve greater financial access as it helps consumers both accept and effectively use the products to which they increasingly have access. This map shows what frameworks have been enacted by various countries as reported by the World Bank’s 2013 Global Survey on Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy.

Financial Institutions Self-RegulationClient Protection Certification is an independent, third party evaluation to publicly recognize financial institutions that meet adequate standards of care in how they treat clients. This map shows the group of global institutions that are currently Smart Campaign Client Protection Certified.

Consumer Protection Legal and Regulatory Frameworks
Financial consumer protection regulation is an essential element of any inclusive financial system and is an important factor contributing to financial stability. This map shows what frameworks have been enacted as reported by the World Bank’s 2013 Global Survey on Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy.

25countries-mapjan16Achieving Universal Financial Access by 2020
Some 2 billion working-age adults globally do not use formal financial services. Extending access to finance to them is the first building block to build a better life.

National Comprehensive Data Protection/Privacy Laws and Bills 2016
Over 100 countries and independent jurisdictions and territories around the world have now adopted comprehensive data protection/privacy laws to protect personal data held by private bodies. Over 40 countries and jurisdictions have pending bills or initiatives. The laws in these countries apply to personal information held in both electronic and physical form and to all or nearly all subject areas. In nearly all of the countries, the laws apply to personal information held by private bodies and by governments. Most countries have created an independent data protection or information commission to oversee and enforce the laws. Most have also included specific exemptions for the media while a few also specifically refer to national right to information laws.  This map shows which jurisdictions have adopted laws or have pending initiatives. This update includes a number of new countries including Chad, Qatar and an updated Caribbean map.