Customized IT at Caja Morelia safeguards client data

02 May 2014

At Caja Morelia Valladolid, investing in high quality technology is the foundation for accurate and secur eclient information as well as the basis for strong customer service for its clients. Caja Morelia began as a cooperative society initiated by the Catholic Church in 1964. In 2005, it became a regulated cooperative overseen by federal authorities in Mexico and by 2008, Caja Morelia had transformed into a regulated financial intermediary subject […]

Collections with Dignity at FinComún

01 May 2014

In 2008, while facing rising default rates, FinComún implemented a new collections philosophy in order to support clients facing the global financial crisis and combat rising default rates. The new philosophy,Collections with Dignity, is based on the belief that collections agents should treat clients how they themselves would like to be treated. By focusing on client outcomes as well as loan recovery,FinComún was able to strengthen relationships with clients, increase […]

Compartamos: Building institutional culture around a code of Ethics

01 May 2014

Staff ethics have been at the heart of Compartamos Banco’s institutional culture since its inception. Com-partamos began as an NGO in 1990, lending to women microentrepreneurs in Mexico. By 2006, the institution had transformed from an NGO into a commercial bank. Although it now has 1.2 million clients and its staff has nearly quadrupled to almost 6,000, the bank always maintained a spirited institutional culture. Compartamos established a formal Code […]

Mexico illustrates global drive toward advancing financial inclusion

21 Aug 2016

Editor’s Note: On August 4, the Brookings Financial and Digital Inclusion Project (FDIP) team launched the findings of the second annual FDIP report. The report highlights developments within the financial inclusion ecosystems of 26 diverse countries from spring 2015 through spring 2016. In this post, the FDIP team explores a number of advances within the financial inclusion landscape of one of its focus countries, Mexico, since the end of the […]