We embrace digital financial services (DFS) as a priority to drive development of inclusive financial systems. We will actively support responsible DFS providers to innovate and expand the range of financial services available to underserved groups to help them reduce their vulnerability, build assets, and mitigate their risks for an inclusive digital economy. We as investors commit to make responsible investment choices. We commit to supporting improved board governance and management commitment such that access to finance generates resilient, sustainable and value added growth towards creating markets and opportunities for broader sustainable development.

  • Integrate the assessment of consumer protection policies into our investment policies, due diligence process, investment selection process as well as financing and shareholder agreements and use relevant covenants.
  • Develop an action plan and support investees (technical assistance, advisory or related support) integrating consumer protection practices in institutional operations, systems, policies, procedures and reporting. Progress towards the action plan can be linked to certain investment milestones, such as subscription, conditions precedent to disbursement, reporting, etc.
  • Promote strengthened commitment to an institutional code of ethics, approved by the board, signed (at least annually) by all employees and reviewed regularly as a “living” document.
  • Promote relevant industry/global standards, for example: Smart Campaign Client Protection Principles for Microfinance, Social Performance Task Force for Microfinance, GSMA Code of Conduct for Mobile Network Operators, BTCA Responsible Digital Payments, OECD, GDPR, EU Privacy Directives, ISO Certification, etc.