We acknowledge that investors play a role in ensuring that the risks that emerge from innovation are borne by those that are equipped to absorb them, i.e., not by end customers. Investors will identify and assess risks during their due diligence process and manage these during the course of investment. We encourage our investees to incorporate risks for customers or consumers into their business models and operations for a more comprehensive risk management framework.

  • Assess and manage risks more comprehensively, defined as all risks impacting (1) customers or consumers, (2)
    providers and (3) financial markets sector/DFS ecosystem as relevant to the business model/market context.
  • Integrate consumer risk into institutional risk management systems, policies and procedures; include KPIs in
    audit and control procedures, with regular and timely reporting to Board and Management for action.
  • As a group of investors, regularly exchange among ourselves on the new risks identified arising from the use of
    new digital technologies; share lessons learned to promote and scale responsible digital inclusion.