Digital Finance Partners Meeting – Banking at a Crossroads

IFC Financial Institutions Group

IFC’s Digital Finance Partners Meeting 2017 brought together over 150 senior-level executives from leading financial institutions, technology companies and FinTech firms from around the globe.  The meeting was hosted by IFC’s Financial Institutions Group and provided a platform for Singaporean, global and regional leaders to share experiences, meet influential and innovative “distruptors” who are redefining financial services today, and discuss challenges, opportunities and solutions in the digital financial industry.

We are pleased to bring you this e-book as an interactive collection of videos, photos and interviews from IFC’s Digital Finance Partners Meeting, held Singapore in May 2017.  Read,  watch the videos, browse through conference photos and data infographics, and check out video interview series with our partners and clients.  This e-book will take you on an interactive journey through the two days of the conference, organized by the Digital Financial Services team of IFC’s Financial Institutions Group.

Explore the E-book

This year, IFC’s Digital Finance Partners Meeting, held under the umbrella of Harnessing Innovation for Financial Inclusion (Hi-Fi) partnership, attracted more than 150 senior executives from financial institutions, technology providers and Fintech companies from around the world.  You may find all the presentations, news links and other information about the event on the website.

We hope you enjoy the interactive experience that the conference e-book offers!


IFC’s Digital Finance Partners Meeting organizing team in partnership with UK AID