Responsible Finance Forum

Responsible Digital Payments Guidelines

01 July 2016

The Better Than Cash Alliance Responsible Digital Payments Guidelines identify eight good practices for engaging with clients who are sending or receiving digital payments and who have previously been financially excluded or underserved.

The Guidelines are primarily oriented toward financial services providers in designing and delivering their payments services. The Guidelines can also be used as a helpful checklist (subject to applicable law) for:

»  Regulators in considering their rules;
»  Private sector (for example, fast-moving goods or transport companies) in selecting payment providers;
»  Donors and development organizations in procuring services from payment providers; and
»  All stakeholders in advocating for appropriate consumer protection.

The focus of the Guidelines is on the common types of digital payments services provided to the financially underserved such as electronic money transaction accounts. The Guidelines are technology and provider neutral. They are designed to apply to current innovations in the field of digital payments, although it is recognized they may need to be reviewed and updated from time to time. Each Guideline includes examples of what a client might expect in a responsible digital payments market.