Signatories of Investor Guidelines

Investor Guidelines Signatories include Investors and Endorsers* who made are taking steps to advance progress in responsible finance for digital inclusion.   This further includes implementing Potential Actions  as appropriate to Signatories' investment objectives,  business operations and market infrastructures.
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Investors who are Signatories are funds and fund managers focused on financial technology or fintech, digital financial services (DFS) or broader financial inclusion; private equity and venture capital funds; public equity and debt funds; development finance institutions and international finance institutions; family offices and foundations. They may also include indirect investors and asset owners such as pension funds, fund-of-fund managers, sovereign wealth funds and endowments.Endorsers who are Signatories are investees such as: providers of DFS including multi-channel providers (i.e. banks, MFIs, insurance companies, etc.); operators providing DFS as their primary product or as part of a larger offering (e.g. mobile wallets offered by telecom operators, payment products offered by e-commerce platforms, money transfer services and remittances offered by retailers, social media companies and technology companies, etc.); pay-as-you-go solar products and other products-as-a-service delivery models with an embedded financial service within such as savings or rent-to-own finance; and those providing infrastructure services that support a broader digital ecosystem (e.g. payment systems or transaction platforms, data analytics companies).