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A Survey and Critical Study on the Customer Satisfaction of the customers of Arohan

Source:  Friday Solutions

Arohan is a Kolkata based micro finance institution catering to economically active poor women in andaround Kolkata through the provision of loans. Arohan believes that success lies in being customercentric. A formal customer satisfaction survey is part of the processes it has set up to hear what thecustomer has to say. Since it commenced operations in April 2006, Arohan has reached a customerbase of 68,000 and a loan portfolio of Rs. 31 crores as on December 2008.

This is the third annual customer satisfaction survey. Arohan uses this survey to understand the socioeconomicprofile of its customers and their level of satisfaction with Arohan better. This serves as avital input in refining its processes and changing it policies, where required.

In the present survey a wide gamut of characteristics was covered to measure the socio-economicconditions of the customers and their satisfaction with the activities of Arohan. The survey covers thedetails of the aspects under the broad heads of:

  1. Demographic particulars
  2. Information on usage of loan amount
  3. Information on family matters
  4. Customer satisfaction regarding Loan Terms
  5. Information regarding repayment of loan
  6. Information regarding Joint Liability Group (JLG) and Group Training
  7. Information regarding services from Arohan
  8. Credit Rating