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Smart Operations A Guide for Financial Institutions on Incorporating Client Protection Practices into Institutional Operational Areas

Source:  The Smart Campaign

Financial institutions (FIs) must involve employees from every operational area in an effort to achieve adequate client protection. Rather than designating client protection as a “special project” to select employees, FIs should ensure that each department has specific client protection responsibilities. This tool suggests appropriate roles for 11 of the most common areas of microfinance operations. FIs can use this tool to assign client protection responsibilities to each operational department and to understand how responsibilities are shared among operational departments. The 11 operational areas discussed in this tool include:

  1. Executive Management (pg. 8)
  2. Product Research and Development (pg. 8)
  3. Product Management (pg. 8)
  4. Human Resources (pg. 8)
  5. Marketing and Promotions (pg. 9)
  6. Sales Force and Frontline Employees (pg. 9)
  7. Finance (pg. 9)
  8. Risk Management (pg. 9)
  9. Legal (pg. 10)
  10. Information Technology and Communications (ICT) (pg. 10)
  11. Complaints/Customer Service (pg. 10)