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Regulatory approaches to inclusive insurance market development

Jeremy Gray, Hennie Bester, Christine Hougaard and Mia Thom
01 February 2014
Source:  Access to Insurance Initiative

The A2ii is the implementation partner of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) on inclusive insurance. Part of this role is to extract relevant learning and build supervisory capacity.

It has been five years since the findings from the original five Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii) microinsurance diagnostics were synthesised into a cross-country report and a series of focus notes. In the interim a number of further microinsurance diagnostics have been completed under the A2ii umbrella, and several other studies have become available that can inform a cross-country stock-take of trends and insights in microinsurance.

To update the cross-country synthesis picture the A2ii, with co-funding from FinMark Trust, has commissioned two new synthesis papers to extract key overarching themes across jurisdictions. The aim is to enable insurance supervisors to better understand the workings of their low-income insurance markets, as well as to provide guidelines on potential regulatory and supervisory implications and responses.