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Outreach of Microfinance Finance Institutions in four focus states

02 June 2015
Source:  Access-Assist
 Small Industries Development Bank of India

(A Consolidated report on analysis of MFIs outreach in Bihar, Odisha, M.P., and U.P.)

Funded by Department for International Development (DFID), UK, Poorest State Inclusive Growth (PSIG) programme is being implemented by SIDBI. The programme aims to enhance the income and employment opportunities of poor women and men in 8 low income States by enabling them to participate and benefit from wider economic growth in India. The purpose of the programme is to improve income, and reduce vulnerability, of poor people and small producers, by expanding their access to finance. ACCESS-ASSIST works as a secretariat to implement policy advocacy component of the programme in the state of Bihar, M.P., Odisha, and U.P.

Between January and March 2014 four assessment studies were conducted by High Mark Credit Information Services under PSIG programme. The studies analyzed the outreach of MFIs in the four focus states viz. Odisha, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The following summary is based on the outreach reports and seeks to highlight the present micro finance scenario. With a focus on inter as well as intra state analysis the study tries to formulate a few relevant findings under the same context. It presents a list of the most attractive regions which hold huge scope for the development of the sector. Concluded by a few recommendations the study serves as a consolidated summary of MFI outreach across the PSIG states.