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More Inclusive Finance for Youth: Scalable and Sustainable Delivery Models for Financial and Non-Financial Services

Rossana M. Ramírez
01 May 2015
Source:  European Microfinance Platform

In the financial services sector there has been a significant investment towards advancement of youth financial access and capability, in an effort to improve young people’s future economic options, especially in low-income countries. Many projects have designed and offered youth financial services integrated with non-financial services, such as financial and business education. But with demonstration projects coming to a close, there is a need to determine how to scale up services sustainably. This publication by the European Microfinance Platform analyzes a variety of macro- and micro-level factors that can impact the scalability and sustainability of youth integrated services. The objective of the publication is to provide guidance to governments, donors and financial service providers on a context-appropriate approach to offering both financial and non-financial services to young people.