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Julia Clark
Source:  World Bank

This Guide was created by the World Bank Group’s Identification for Development (ID4D) Initiative to help practitioners design and implement identification (ID) systems that are inclusive and trusted—in accordance with the ten Principles on Identification for Sustainable Development and other international standards and best practices. It is intended to serve as a central resource for country counterparts, World Bank Group staff, and other actors involved in planning, managing, and financing ID systems. The Guide builds on existing resources and publications from ID4D and other organizations and is intended to help practitioners navigate this disparate material in a user-friendly way.  Rather than advocating for any specific model of identity provision, this Guide presents key decisions and best practice technical options relevant for designing an entirely new ID system or improving an old one. It then offers analysis and links to more in-depth tools to assess the fitness of different design choices for different contexts and goals. As the identity sector and ID4D’s work evolves, this Guide will be periodically updated to reflect new lessons, standards, and resources.

Originally published on the World Bank’s website.