Responsible Finance Forum

Evidence in Financial Inclusion

01 September 2015
Source:  Innovations for Poverty Action

Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) works to identify and rigorously evaluate innovative products and programs that enhance poor households’ access to and usage of improved financial services.

Across developing and advanced economies alike, low-income households need effective and affordable tools to save and borrow money, make and receive payments, and manage risk. In recent years, access to financial services has increased thanks to the expansion of digital finance and the efforts of service providers and governments to reach the unbanked. As access grows, however, we must ensure that the tools available to the poor are effective in helping them manage and grow their money.

IPA partners with service providers, governments, and researchers to design and test financial services and programs that help households better manage their finances. With over 125 completed and ongoing randomized evaluations in 29 countries, IPA’s Financial Inclusion Program seeks to identify effective solutions to promote healthy financial behavior and share results to inform the work of financial service providers and governments around the world.