Responsible Finance Forum

Digital Credit In Tanzania: Customer Experiences & Emerging Risks

Michelle Kaffenberger

In June-August, 2017, CGAP, with inputs from FSD Tanzania, conducted surveys in Tanzania to identify customer experiences with digital credit, including uses of digital credit, emerging risks, and the size of the digital credit market. The surveys consisted of:

  • Nationally representative phone survey (representative of phone owners), of N=4,574 Tanzanians.
    • The sample was drawn from random digit dial technique, which relies on a randomly-generated list of mobile phone numbers in the country.
    • The sample is weighted to be representative of adult phone owners in Tanzania.
  • Booster surveys with select lenders, with sample sizes ranging from N=300 to N=500.
    • The samples were drawn from randomly selected customer lists from each lender.
  • The fieldwork was conducted by Innovations in Poverty Action.

CGAP partnered with FSD Kenya to conduct comparable surveys in Kenya, and subsequent analysis will compare market developments in the two countries.

This presentation reports on the findings from the nationally representative sample of phone owners in Tanzania, and includes comparisons to the FinScope 2017 dataset.