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Customized IT at Caja Morelia safeguards client data

Cara Forster
Source:  The Smart Campaign

At Caja Morelia Valladolid, investing in high quality technology is the foundation for accurate and secur eclient information as well as the basis for strong customer service for its clients.

Caja Morelia began as a cooperative society initiated by the Catholic Church in 1964. In 2005, it became a regulated cooperative overseen by federal authorities in Mexico and by 2008, Caja Morelia had transformed into a regulated financial intermediary subject to national and international accounting standards. The cooperative owned by its 250,000 members, and all employees must be members, which keeps employee incentives aligned with member interests and enhances their commitment to customer service.

Upon transformation into a regulated financial service provider, Caja had to meet federal data management and reporting requirements. Instead of simply viewing this new technology as an additional cost of the transformation process, the management team at Caja saw an opportunity to invest in a customized solution that would provide superior data security and allow the cooperative to meet federal anti-money laundering requirements. The institution’s history of developing its own systems and software enabled it to see the value of a customized solution for its new technology needs.