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Credit Reporting Knowledge Guide

03 August 2012
Source:  International Finance Corporation

In 2001, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) launched the Global Credit Bureau Program, later renamed the Global Credit Reporting Program, to better reflect the nature of its operations. The objective of this second edition of the Credit Reporting Knowledge Guide is to disseminate best practices in credit reporting development, and to contribute to credit information sharing in emerging markets. Since the program was launched, it has helped develop favorable credit reporting environments in more than 60 countries, principally through technical assistance. This assistance has included support to the regional credit bureau in Central America and the first credit bureaus established in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Cambodia, Morocco, and Tajikistan; work on the legal and regulatory framework in Kenya and Panama; and ongoing assistance toward the development of credit reporting systems in Mongolia, the Solomon Islands, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Liberia, Azerbaijan, and other countries. Since 2002, IFC has also partnered with the World Bank to monitor credit reporting environments in more than 180 countries. Annual survey results are incorporated into the annual Doing Business report and disseminated to governments, bureaus, registries, creditors, and other interested stakeholders. Through this combination of analytical and operational work, IFC and the World Bank have become recognized as leaders in credit reporting development in emerging markets.