Responsible Finance Forum

Client Protection Good Practices in Europe and Central Asia

01 September 2011
Source:  The Smart Campaign

AccessBank, Azerbaijan provides financial services for micro and small businesses and low- and middle income households (the average loan size is USD 2,900). It is one of the largest private banks in the country, and is the leading microfinance bank, with over one-third of the market share.

Adie, France offers micro credit and financial counseling services for micro entrepreneurs. Adie’s 27,500 clients consist of micro entrepreneurs from many walks of life, including youth, migrants, and the unemployed. Adie provides clients with business loans and business support during and after the creation of the client’s enterprise.

EKI Micro-credit Foundation, Bosnia and Herzegovina targets primarily low-income clients, women, and clients in rural or semi-urban areas. EKI has over 43,000 clients and an outstanding loan portfolio of over USD 80 million.

KazMicroFinance (KMF), Kazakhstan offers credit services in rural and urban areas. KMF serves over 34,000 active credit clients, offering them a range of loan products, including business and agricultural loans—50 percent of KMF’s clients live in rural areas.