Shea Flynn, Camille Parker, and Allison Ryder
07 Feb 2020

Financial inclusion has garnered broad support across the public and private sectors, with a range of actors developing innovative technologies and programs to help consumers in emerging markets gain access to financial products and services. However, with insufficient financial education, literacy and capability, vulnerable populations are likely to encounter over-indebtedness, fraud, or simply choose the wrong products for their financial needs.  Financial education has the power to build trust and […]

Digital Credit In Tanzania: Customer Experiences & Emerging Risks

28 Feb 2018

In June-August, 2017, CGAP, with inputs from FSD Tanzania, conducted surveys in Tanzania to identify customer experiences with digital credit, including uses of digital credit, emerging risks, and the size of the digital credit market. The surveys consisted of: Nationally representative phone survey (representative of phone owners), of N=4,574 Tanzanians. The sample was drawn from random digit dial technique, which relies on a randomly-generated list of mobile phone numbers in […]

Fraud in Mobile Financial Services: Protecting Consumers, Providers, and the System

09 Sep 2017

This Brief highlights how fraud is impacting mobile money providers, agents, and consumers, as well as efforts to reduce risks and vulnerabilities to fraud in mobile money and related services. While it is not possible to remove fraud entirely from any service—mobile money included—the examples addressed here show that fraud is a major issue in several key markets for consumers and agents, and that there are simple steps providers can […]

Building a Secure and Inclusive Global Financial Ecosystem

08 Sep 2017

The 2017 Brookings Financial and Digital Inclusion Project (FDIP) report evaluates access to and usage of affordable financial services by underserved people across 26 geographically, politically, and economically diverse countries. The report assesses these countries’ financial inclusion ecosystems based on four dimensions of financial inclusion: country commitment, mobile capacity, regulatory environment, and adoption of selected traditional and digital financial services.  The report further examines key developments in the global financial inclusion landscape, highlights selected financial […]

Enabling Mobile Money Policies in Tanzania

29 Jun 2016

The National Payment System directorate (nPSd) at the Bank of Tanzania (Bot) began its mobile money regulatory journey i 2008, when a visit from one of the country’s mobile network operators (mnos) introduced the idea that a simple mobile handset could do much more than make calls. From this first meeting, the Bot was keen to engage with the mobile industry to learn more about the potential of digital financial […]

Helping or Hurting? 10 Facts About Digital Credit in Tanzania

Michelle Kaffenberger
28 Feb 2018

By Michelle Kaffenberger, CGAP Digital credit is a growing phenomenon, surrounded by much excitement and expectation that quick access to credit could help poor households, especially when faced with emergencies or other financial needs. A new nationally representative phone survey conducted by CGAP in Tanzania examines whether it is living up to this hype. We interviewed more than 4,500 Tanzanians, including 1,132 digital credit users, to understand who is using digital credit, how […]