Factors Influencing Poverty Outreach Among Microfinance Institutions in Latin America

17 Sep 2015

This report investigates the poverty outreach of 14 microfinance institutions (MFI) across six Latin American countries: Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. It uses information that these MFIs have collected in terms of poverty likelihood using the Progress Out of Poverty® Index (a.k.a. Simple Poverty Scorecard) supplemented by in-depth interviews with industry experts. The following is a summary of the report findings. Those who reach the highest percentage of […]

Responding to a Crisis at FUNDESER

05 May 2014

FUNDESER started in 1997 as a rural agricultural development initiative designed to deliver basic financial and non-financial services to Nicaraguan agricultural workers. In 2000, FUNDESER began specializing in rural microfinance and expanded to reach communities where people were struggling with poverty and financial exclusion. Headquartered in Managua, FUNDESER now has more than 18 branches across Nicaragua. From 2004 to 2008, FUNDESER experienced its biggest growth spurt. The number of clients […]