Ending the Microfinance Crisis in Morocco: Acting early, acting right

17 Sep 2015

Forward by Xavier Reille Manager of Financial Institution Group Advisory Services in Europe, Middle East, and North Africa Since its remarkable rise and hard fall in 2008-09, much has been written about the microfinance sector in Morocco. As memories of what is often regarded as the Moroccan microfinance crisis recede, this report takes a look at how the sector has evolved since then. Using case studies from the three leading […]

Six Randomized Evaluations of Microcredit: Introduction and Further Steps

16 Sep 2015

This paper seeks to identify the causal effects of expanded access to microcredit on borrowers and communities using six randomized evaluations. The evaluations are based on a variety of sampling, data collection, experimental design, and econometric strategies. The methods are deployed across urban and rural areas of six countries in four continents representing vast disparities in terms of borrower characteristics, loan characteristics, and lender characteristics. The paper finds a consistent […]